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The Houston Minority Supplier Development Council (HMSDC) is pleased to invite you to apply to the CEO Conversations program designed to allow MBEs generating annual revenue over $10M+ based on guidelines of the National Minority Supplier Development Council to discuss leadership directly with CEOs and senior executives of Houston’s largest public and private institutions.

CEO Conversations is a transformational learning journey designed to enable large MBE companies to learn from top industry leaders and enable them to innovate within their business and ultimately within their industry. Participants will engage in robust dialogue with peers during the CEO Mindshare sessions allowing them to share ideas, seek feedback to develop new solutions to business challenges – all while leveraging learnings from the program.

Total Business Development is designed to address business capability gaps, promote business growth, and increase utilization of the professional services of certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs). The program allows MBEs to hire an approved MBE professional service firm to provide a solution at half the cost!


  • Service Providers must agree to provide at least a 15% discount off the companies usual and customary fees to MBEs approved for participation in this program.
  • Service Providers must submit an invoice showing usual and customary fees incurred, the discount provided, and the MBE applicant share (50%) and HMSDC share (35%) of usual and customary fees.

MBEs are experts in their fields, applying their skills to delivering products and services with ingenuity to our corporate members; however, corporations and governmental entities still report gaps in MBE capabilities to meet their business requirements. Corporations continue to express the desire for a larger pipeline of MBEs who are equipped to engage large customers and participate in their supply chains.

HMSDC understands it can take many years to build a successful business, which is why a constant pipeline of developing MBEs is needed as others retire or sell their companies. For these reasons, HMSDC has established the Pathways to Excellence Program to ensure a steady stream of developing MBEs are being prepared to meet corporate demands. These MBEs will receive a designation that they meet corporate standards and business requirements that will earn them opportunities to showcase their “readiness” to key business decision makers. The HMSDC enthusiastically offers the HMSDC’s Pathways to Excellence Program to MBEs to grow and develop their companies.

The MBE Leadership Academy is a comprehensive 8-week program that develops the essential skills emerging minority business enterprises (MBEs) generating revenue under $10 million need to possess to enhance their strategic and operational leadership. This program is designed to support the growth strategies of their businesses. The MBE Leadership Academy provides the tools that will help them manage their profitability, productivity and performance, especially in cyclical markets.

The Houston Minority Supplier Development Council (HMSDC) will award scholarships to minority business enterprises (MBEs) to attend HMSDC developmental initiatives. HMSDC will also consider scholarship applications to attend outside programming on a case by case basis.  Past recipients have used scholarships to attend the MBE Leadership Academy, CEO Conversations, Dartmouth College Amos Tuck School of Business, and various other trade specific trainings. Participation is limited and will be chosen in accordance with scholarship selection criteria. 

Purpose of Scholarships: To strengthen the management skills of a MBE member whose success could be enhanced by attending educational seminars, to expand public awareness of minority-owned businesses, and to reward involvement of members in the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council.

Who May Apply? To qualify, the applicant must be an active and participating owner or principal of a MBE firm certified by the HMSDC and meets the selection criteria. 

Application Process: Applications are available on the HMSDC website at hmsdc.submittable.com or by calling (713) 271-7805. All applications must be received at the HMSDC offices by the published deadline. Applications must be submitted through the Submittable site. Incomplete applications and documentation may not be considered.

Selection Criteria: Applications will be judged with equal emphasis on:

(1) at least one year's participation in HMSDC activities;

(2) potential for improvement;

(3) commitment of the candidate to attend;

(4) educational preparation of candidate; and

(5) commitment of the candidate to the scholarship fundraiser (play, sponsor or donate)

Preference is given to applicants who have not received past scholarships from HMSDC and who are active MBEs of HMSDC committees. Applicant must further agree to schedule adequate time to prepare for the chosen course(s) and attend them within the calendar year the scholarship is awarded. Request to defer scholarship beyond the calendar year in which it was awarded must be approved in advance by the HMSDC President.

Selection Process: Winners will be selected by the SDAC Committee. Top candidates will be selected on the basis of written applications and may be invited to an interview with the selection committee for final selection.

Confidentiality: All information submitted by the applicant will be held in strict confidence by the selection committee and used only with the prior consent of the applicant. The names of scholarship recipients and course selection will be announced at the luncheon, listed in HMSDC marketing and social media and possibly included in press releases.

HMSDC Scholarship Guidelines:  

  1. Nominee must be the owner or principal of a certified minority-owned business. If the nominee is a member of the MBE's management team, the owner and nominee must sign the scholarship application, and the nominee’s name and title must be listed on the application.  
  2. Nominee's company must be a dues paying, current certified MBE of the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council.  
  3. Nominee must complete the scholarship application and fulfill all requirements.  
  4. Nominee's firm must be active in Council activities by the following: a) attending seminars, networking luncheons, or EXPO in the past year; and active service on an HMSDC committee in the past year; and c) have played in the scholarship fundraiser or donated or sponsored ($100 minimum) in the past year.  
  5. Nominee's firm must have been established for at least two years.  
  6. Nominee's firm must submit information pertaining to his/her company's growth in employment and/or sales volume. 
  7. Committee will judge nominee's application with equal emphasis on the commitment of the candidate to attend the course and potential for business improvement that most closely matches the business need. 
  8. Candidates must be willing to be interviewed by the selection committee. 
  9. Upon completion of the educational course, the winner must report back to the Scholarship Steering Committee on the program content and describe what he/she gained through participation in this program. Completion of this requirement will impact receipt of future scholarships for your firm. 
  10. Nominee must attend the educational course (or choice of courses) as approved in advance by the Scholarship Steering Committee. The scholarship is not transferable and may not be sold to or used by anyone other than the applicant. If the winner cannot attend the course(s), the Scholarship Selection Committee must be notified. 
  11. Nominee's firm shall be able to demonstrate efforts to support the development of other MBEs.

The Houston Minority Supplier Development Council (HMSDC) and the Houston Business Journal are pleased to announce the twenty second annual Emerging Ten (E-10) Virtual Awards.

This prestigious award recognizes Houston area minority business owners who have emerged successful after having faced challenges, overcome hurdles and many times done it without adequate financial resources. They have emerged to:
            (1) Excel in customer service;
            (2) Establish innovative business trends;
            (3) Embrace the current marketplace; and
            (4) Engage in efforts to improve the communities in which they live and work.

Nominate the company or companies whose owner(s) deserve to be recognized for this distinguished award.  If you require additional information, please call (713) 271-7805.

Corporations and Community Organizations can nominate MBEs and MBEs can self-nominate!

You have been NOMINATED to receive the Emerging Ten (E-10) Award presented by the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council (HMSDC) and the Houston Business Journal. Please review this entire document. Do not overlook the request to include a brief personal history.  If selected as a winner, your biography, photo and answers to the questions will be used to create your profile shared at the awards ceremony and in the Houston Business Journal write up.

This prestigious award recognizes area minority-owned enterprises that have emerged successful after having faced challenges, overcome hurdles, and who many times did so under difficult circumstances. Companies receiving this award will be known for (1) setting innovative trends, (2) excelling in customer service, (3) embracing the current marketplace, and (4) contributing to the community's economic and civic base. The E-10 Awards are intended to:

  • Recognize minority businesses making significant contributions to their industry and community.
  • Heighten awareness of the expanding role minority businesses play in Houston's business marketplace.
  • Communicate successful business strategies that will encourage other companies to strive for excellence in their industry.

Ten awards are given to emerging minority business enterprises (MBE) annually. Judging criteria includes: exceptional service, overall industry enhancement, community involvement, innovative performance, and doing business with other MBES.

Houston Minority Supplier Development Council